Resilient Teams

Winning Together
The programme facilitates a solution-focused process and buids a resilient organisation one team at a time.
It allows a manager and the team to build ways of working that increase resilience and team success through identifying sources of pressure and acting together to reduce or eliminate them. We identify and address the areas of pressure that may be impeding the team performing to their best, we strengthen the team’s ability to take responsibility, connect and generate solutions. This session is facilitated by a Milestones-trained facilitator. 

Resilient Teams closely follows the guidelines set by the Health and Safety executive (HSE) regarding Management Standards. We use HSE’s Assessment Tools and follow best practice in the field of supporting and enhancing employees’ health, well-being and performance.

There are 5 stages in the process:

Management buy-in
Assessment by questionnaire
Confidential report
Facilitated discussion and action planning
Regular monitioring of outputs
Milestones also offers Team Facilitator Training to give you independent control of the process going forward.
Format: 3 hour training onsite or remotely, by Skype and webcam or similar facility.
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