Resilient People            

Aim high and persevere
It is not pressure itself which leads to stress and burnout, but the way people perceive and react to pressure. In an organisation with ambitious goals, pressure is a given. We can help your people to acquire more inner strength and to learn to thrive under pressure.

They will learn the psychologically healthy strategies of positive self-support which include self-monitoring, disidentifying, centering, reframing and the creative use of crisis and failure.

Format: 6 hr day (10am–4pm) in groups of 4-12 people on site, or
6-8 one-to-one coaching sessions, on or off site.

These to be followed up with 6 one hour coaching sessions 3 months after the end of the programme.

The process is practical and results oriented: These are the steps:

Individual questionnaires
Individual reports
Sources of stress identified
Analysis of coping strategies
Self-inflicted stress
Effective self-management
Psychological hygiene
Creating new individual strategies
One to one follow-up
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