Statutory HSE Standards

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Under UK law, employers have a legal duty of care to ensure their employees are not harmed by work-related stress. The Health and Safety Executive requires every employer to conduct risk assessments for work-related stress. This assessment must include:
  • Consulting with employees to identify problem areas
  • A commitment to take action to address these problems
  • A commitment to review action plans

The HSE has established and published its own Management Standards for tackling work-related stress; detailing 6 areas of pressure which if not attended to can reduce performance and damage the mental health of employees. These are:

Relationships: Promoting positive working and eliminating unacceptable behaviour
Control: How much say a person has in how they do their work
Demands: Includes issues like workload, work patterns and work environment
Support: Includes the resources provided by the organisation
Role: A clear understanding of roles and avoidance of conflicting roles
Change: How organisational change is managed and communicated.

Milestones will conduct assessments for you and produce confidential reports for individual employees and teams, giving you a reality check on your company’s position vis-a-vis the HSE Standards. We will engage your staff in generating action plans which will boost performance and increase their sense of well-being at work.

We facilitate the entire process for you from beginning to end and will also train your staff to take over and run the process in-company. We recognise that each company’s situation is different; we will consult with you and tailor our service to meet your particular needs.
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